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There are generally three version of the general Skilled Migration pathway. The process normally involves SkillSelect – EOI and only those who get the invitations can make applications for this VISAs. Eventhough there is aminimum point score of 60 points. there are occupation which would require a much higher score to get an invitation.

Visa Summary

Skilled Independent – 189

  • This is a Permanent Visa
  • Generally for highly qualified professional / trades people (MLTSSL)
  • Does not require sponsorship by a relative or government
  • Positive skills assessment
  • Score a minimum of 60 points on the points test
  • Under 50 Years of Age
  • Suitable English Skilled (IELTS Test)
  • Have Work experience in the relevant related occupation (if Neccesary)
  • Meet Positive Health and Character set by the Government

Skilled Nominated – 190

  • This is a Permanent Visa
  • Occupations from the larger STSSL
  • Require sponsorship by a state/territory government
  • Below 50 years of age
  • Minimum score of 60 point on the point test
  • Positive skill assessment
  • Positive English Test scores
  • Meet Government Health and Character Requirement
  • Relevant work experience in the nominated occupation
  • Some states require you have lived in that state for certain amount of time before you can apply for Sponsorship.

Skilled Regional Provisional – 489

  • 4 year provisional visa allowing to live in certain regional areas
  • Require sponsorship by a relative living in a designated area, or by a state/territory government
  • Pass the 60 point test
  • Positive skill assessment in the nominated occupation
  • Meet Health and Character requirement
  • Under 50 years of age
  • Pass English requirement
  • Progress to 887 PR visa after 2 years of living and 12 months of full-time work in the required area

    First Choice Visa can assist you with the visa processing from Eligibility Assessment, Preparation of SkillSelect – EOI, Skill Assessment or RPL, State/ Territory Government Nomination and Visa Lodgment.

    As the Australian visa application can be complex, stressful and complicated. And the regulation and criteria are constantly updated and changed. It is recommended you talk to a registered Migration agent to help you through this mine field.

    Please fill up our Assessment Form to have your criteria evaluated and we will contact you to discuss your next step.

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    We are Registered Australian Migration Agent and New Zealand License Immigration Adviser Organization. Our Objective is to make this life changing decision as simple and straight forward as possible. Whether you need a migration agent to help you lodge your visa or just some help with your DIY application, We are able to help. Your Investment today is Your future tomorrow.

    Due to the complexity of the immigration laws in Australia and New Zealand, It is advisable to use an Immigration Agent to help you with the procedure So you can fully enjoy your new start. And, in Australia and New Zealand, all immigration advise must be given by a Registered or License Migration Agent. And, we are bound by the Code Of Conduct.

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    First Choice Visa is here to make your life changing decision as Simple and Straight Forward as possible. Therefore, our aim is to make sure your application is Decision ready when lodged

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